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  • atomic bomb

    This is the essence of an atomic bomb.
  • when a bomb

    Arizona was hit first and blew up when a bomb hit near No 2 turret exploding the magazines.
  • bomb threats

    We've had a couple of bomb threats lately and it's been installed to warn staff to clear the building.
  • bomb group

  • bomb went

    Police were clearing the area when bomb went off.
  • hydrogen bomb

    He seems convinced of the inherent stability of the hydrogen bomb — after all, he does build the damn things.
  • bomb which exploded

    The IRA has claimed responsibility for the car bomb which exploded near Downing Street this morning.
  • terrorist bomb

    Herrhausen is dead, killed by a terrorist bomb in 1989.
  • bomb explosion

    Three Israelis were injured in two bomb explosions in the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip on Feb. 9.
  • bomb squad

    It was reported on April 11, 1990, that tapes of an interview held following the 1975 trial, between Gerard Conlon, one of the Four, and Peter (now Sir Peter) Imbert, now Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, who was at the time of the trial a bomb squad superintendent, were becoming a source of conflict between the police and the defence lawyers at the judicial inquiry.
  • nail bomb

    Chaos in a crowded Cairo street after yesterday's nail bomb blast tragedy Picture: NORBERT SCHILLER
  • when the bomb

    Office basement when the bomb dropped, and he'd invite us all to chant with him: ‘A deep depression, centred over Europe, shows little sign of lifting…‘'
  • bomb and bomb

  • ira bomb attack

  • bomb dropped

    In comparison with modern nuclear weapons, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima seems insignificant.
  • army bomb disposal

    The small arms ammunition has now been retrieved by army bomb disposal experts, but how it came to be buried there remains a mystery.
  • car bomb exploded

    A car bomb exploded at a police station in Burgos on Aug. 17, severely injuring one person.
  • bomb attacks

    They were found guilty of involvement in several bomb attacks in 1985 and 1986 in Copenhagen, the Danish capital, Amsterdam, the Netherlands capital, and Stockholm.
  • van bomb

    The van bomb detonated at 11.22 am blowing police and civilians off the street.

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