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  • out of curiosity

    ‘You came out of curiosity?’
  • intellectual curiosity

    Where were the important elements: inventiveness, initiative, adaptability, intellectual curiosity, sensitivity, confidence, determination?
  • curiosity got

    Then curiosity got the better of him.
  • old curiosity shop

    It is the ‘heaps of fantastic things’ in the old curiosity shop which, by making her exist in a kind of allegory, suggest her story to him, ‘holding her solitary way among a crowd of wild grotesque companions’.
  • insatiable curiosity

    To do my kind of job on TV you have to be born with an insatiable curiosity about what really makes people tick.
  • mere curiosity

    It can't have been mere curiosity.
  • lack of curiosity

    China's legendary lack of curiosity about other civilisations is the result of the success of its own.
  • natural curiosity

    Their natural curiosity and concretization of ideas will often give them a certainty of their own that makes much more sense.
  • curiosity to see

    And looked at the advertising out of curiosity to see who would advertise.

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