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  • i keep

  • have to keep

    I have to keep it in those margins.
  • keep up

    When they met at parties Nigel continued to keep up a surface friendship.
  • get to keep

  • try to keep

    I try to keep it the same time.
  • keep an eye

    At least this way they could keep an eye on the supply source.
  • keep away

    He would not be able to keep away.
  • difficult to keep

    Without structure it is difficult to keep effort aimed in the right direction.
  • want to keep

    ‘I want to keep an air of mystery’
  • keep quiet

    Lock him up tight until the end of the war like Hess, only they'll keep quiet about it.
  • must keep

    ‘We must keep some for him.’
  • keep out

    ‘He's a winner and there is aggression in his game, but he's now a more mature player who tries to keep out of trouble.’
  • able to keep

    He would not be able to keep away.
  • should keep

    If Simon wants to keep the Human League, he said, then he should keep them.

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