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  • kind of thing

    Haven't you seen that kind of thing recently?
  • very kind

    ‘He's very kind.’
  • different kind

    argues for pronouns of a different kind:
  • second kind

    Dai Qing shocked the audience by declaring: ‘I don't care what Binyang says about his second kind of loyalty; even the third, fourth or fifth kind of loyalty won't save China’.
  • kind of political

    As I said before, this kind of political analysis has simply not advanced in Europe as it has in Britain.
  • particular kind

    The flux, the flow, the drifting balance of our days needs a particular kind of patience.
  • kind of approach

    Chapter 1 discussed the criticisms of this kind of approach and the available research evidence.
  • make some kind

    Any yet I badly wanted to make some kind of personnel response.

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