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  • public library

    By far the greatest effort in public library user education is in library promotion or, more specifically, bringing the non-user to the library.
  • british library

  • national library

    One of the strengths of a national library is the range of material it receives through legal deposit.
  • school library

    I remembered him having in my school library
  • library association

  • library and information

    The promotion of the library and information service to members continues to bear fruit.
  • library staff

    If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask the library staff.
  • library service

    As a library member your membership card entitled you to library services only.
  • university library

    For instance in a university library a new work of research in a subject relevant to the university's research interests is sure to be ordered, whatever the book's subsequent reception by reviewers, or its physical format, or (within bounds) its price.
  • central library

  • library authority

    Although librarians have become accustomed to the situation, the development is an extraordinary one, because the objectives of a public library authority and a library supplier are completely different.
  • library committee

    Impressions of the functioning of the library committee vary.

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