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  • abstract ideas

    ‘Tell me, does your mother enjoy principles and abstract ideas?’
  • very abstract

    I found it very abstract.
  • abstract nature

    Nor is it consistent with Coase's (1937) attempt to define the abstract nature of the firm (author's emphasis):
  • abstract level

    Surely the fact that teachers are at the ‘formal operational’ stage does not mean that they prefer to discuss at an abstract level!
  • most abstract

    But even the most abstract thinker does not wholly escape the need to impregnate thought with joy.
  • abstract principles

    For to believe in abstract principles of justice was to face a long series of disillusionments in everyday life, as the Goliardic poems, written by scholars trained in the new learning, amply demonstrated:
  • abstract expressionism

    It was developed mainly by Trumbull, with Kubrick's encouragement, to reproduce on a far bigger scale some of the experiments done by John Whitney Sr to make abstract, flat animation — approximately the film equivalent of abstract expressionism in painting (Pollock, Rothko).
  • abstract painting

    Elizabeth Koury continues to show this month (until the 30th) the new abstract paintings of John Zinsser.
  • abstract expressionist

  • rather abstract

    What are the implications of these rather abstract remarks for the key people in higher education?
  • abstract concepts

    Questions have to be phrased, abstract concepts ‘operationalised’, and a model or framework within which to answer the questions constructed.
  • somewhat abstract

    The best way to make these somewhat abstract concepts of satisfaction and dissatisfaction more concrete is to give some illustrations from the interviews.
  • abstract concept

    Political culture is a vague abstract concept that has been subject to various definitions.
  • abstract artist

    One of the articles is about the abstract artist Sol LeWitt, who was in Krauss's opinion misinterpreted by three critics as serving ‘as triumphant illustration of the powers of human reason.

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