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  • application form

    There is no need to complete a new application form.
  • application forms

    You're fully au fait with all the application forms aren't you?
  • plan application

  • application for leave

    Morritt J. refused the application for leave to inspect but Hoffmann J. granted the application to set aside the registrar's order.
  • application under

    For discussion of the clerk's powers to accept or refuse an application under this section.
  • proposal or application

    Provided always that nothing in these restrictions shall preclude Norwich Union from processing any proposal or application form made and dated prior to 31 October 1990 submitted through the Winchester Group or any of its company representatives and entering into any investment contract on the basis of any such a proposal or application form so long as Norwich Union has first satisfied itself that:—(a) any such proposal or application form is genuinely made and dated prior to 31 October 1990;(b) any such proposal or application form is accompanied by a fact find form; and (c) that the fact find form has been fully completed; and (d) that the information shown thereon is sufficient to show that the proposed investment contract which is the subject of the proposal or application form is in the best interests of the investor concerned.
  • application programming interface

    So the icon in the bottom left hand corner represents open client A P I, open client application programming interface.
  • application programming interfaces

    Like the majority of Unix manufacturers, SunSoft has already incorporated Unix SVR4 application programming interfaces (APIs), in its operating systems.
  • each application

    For points, each application of the return map moves the central mark one place to the right.
  • application development

    Each will bring its respective application development tools into line with AD/Cycle.
  • formal application

    That is if the WBC uphold a formal application from his manager Frank Maloney.
  • application made

    The tenant's adviser should therefore press for an obligation on the landlord to notify the tenant of any application made by him to the President.
  • practical application

    There are also cases where a project includes the whole process, from idea conception to practical application.
  • make an application

    Section 25 of The Children Act requires local authorities to make an application for a secure accommodation in the family proceedings court not the youth court.
  • application of scientific

    Everything had become a matter of commerce, negotiation and the studied application of scientific theory.
  • windows application

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