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  • where the ball

    To determine how far the ball bounces roll the Artillery dice again and mark the spot where the ball comes to land.
  • get the ball

    ‘Now the important thing is to get the ball rolling and protect what's left of the desert.’
  • ball up

    Are you gonna take this ball up regular then Craig?
  • when the ball

    So not only will illegal play be penalised by surrendering possession of the ball, but now ground will also be surrendered (and possession) when the ball is kicked to touch.
  • put the ball

    ‘We enjoyed long periods of possession, but if you can't put the ball in the net that doesn't count,’ he added.
  • ball through

    Pickering lost the ball on the edge of his own area, allowing Gooding to thread the ball through for Maskell to shoot home.
  • ball out

    His mistakes usually make Lukic pick the ball out of the net.
  • ball around

    That big, burly young fast bowler of Barclays Bank, who sprayed the ball around wildly at any time, would most surely kill somebody.
  • ball during

    CAUGHT OUT PAKISTAN paceman Aqib Javed picked the seam of the ball during the final Test — and was seen by millions of television viewers.
  • hit the ball

    Contrary to the popular belief, the hands do not hit the ball; they act as a hinge.
  • good ball

    Of course if you get a good ball there's much justification for failure but there's probably always something more you could have done.
  • ball back

    Capitalising on a slip by Gough, he pulled the ball back for 21-year-old Croatian striker Alen Boksic, who slid his shot well beyond Goram.
  • loose ball

    However, real problems may arise once Leinster attempt to win the loose ball.
  • ball carrier

    What could be simpler than the ball carrier going in, turning and setting with the support player going in low and hard and stripping the ball as he turns?
  • old ball

    ‘There's only one side in the world who can make the old ball swing, and it isn't the Indians!
  • hold the ball

    Never hold the ball while bending.
  • long ball

    I've read some stuff in the papers about Leeds' long ball tactics, and I think the point has been overstressed.
  • first ball

    But Nicholas Knight and Don Topley got the target down to six off the last over, and Knight hit the first ball into the crowd.
  • ball off

    ‘Oh,’ he says, then smashes the ball off the 15th tee, up over the hill and goes running after it down the other side.
  • ball bounced

    The ball bounced high and Blissett and Uzzell jumped for it.

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