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  • credit card

    Yeah, it's like a credit card now!
  • card game

    Dad's got a card game book and they play all these
  • christmas card

  • trump card

    Holyoak has another trump card up his sleeve.
  • wild card

    Mind, he was rather a wild card was Granda, rather too fond of strong drink.
  • piece of card

    Do it yourself — just cut out one of our ads, paste it to a stiff piece of card, and place it on your set!
  • gold card

    plus, at the time there was five percent extra off erm, cos Jim's got a, a Co-op gold card
  • identity card

    He was handed back his identity card.
  • little card

    Then she'll get a little card.
  • card i

    card it would be.
  • video card

    You don't say what video card is fitted to your machine so it's difficult to speculate any further.
  • cash card

    What do you want a cash card for?
  • birthday card

    Twenty please, and have you got a birthday card for mother please?
  • vga card

  • card number

    A key card numbering the various positions was mounted on the top of the tachistoscope.

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