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  • check out

    Children check out book week
  • check up

    They don't check up.
  • check whether

    Hastily, Benny shoved the guard outside, not bothering to check whether he was alive or not, and bolted the door.
  • so check

    This makes it easier to find WIN.INI and you can also check to see if Legato has its own INI file.
  • want to check

    ‘I just want to check the restaurant first.
  • check to see

    He would have to check to see how it happened.
  • check it out

    Why not check it out?
  • please check

  • should check

    You should check that you have not exceeded your disk quota.
  • first check

    It is always wise to first check with the recipient the colour scheme of the room in which the picture will be displayed, as it is possible to vary the emphasis placed upon the colours within the picture accordingly.
  • time to check

    The Mini was back in use and the Glory had been relegated to the garage until she ‘had time to check it out with Mr Chan’.
  • check list

    Defensive marketing check list
  • check each

    Weeds and shrubs grow rapidly in the damp soils of the site, and it is quite a problem to keep the growth in check each summer.
  • then check

    And then check that everyone's ready for visitors.’

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