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  • widespread criticism

    There was widespread criticism of the handling of the disaster.
  • attract criticism

    But this may also attract criticism from parents if they make their own comparisons about trends and innovations.
  • strong criticism

    The failure to agree on definite targets brought strong criticism from environmentalists.
  • second criticism

    A second criticism is that the theory assumes that all emotional response is the same.
  • public criticism

    There was some public criticism of police pay — and of perks such as the housing allowance, resentment that crystallized during that austerity period in the early 1930s.
  • literary criticism

    From Macbeth to Danielle Steele, all literary criticism is here.
  • criticism should

    This type of criticism should not apply in a database environment.
  • only criticism

    The only criticism one might make of the Labour party's proposal is that it is not large enough.
  • constructive criticism

    Once the purely factual purpose of the system becomes assimilated, resistance to, and fear of, constructive criticism should weaken.
  • major criticism

    Results show that lack of product knowledge by staff was a major criticism.
  • criticism of government

    This criticism of government policy will carry added weight coming from the ABRC, the government's own advisory body on science funding.
  • considerable criticism

    This so-called ‘full extent normal rule’ has come under considerable criticism from the Court of Appeal downwards.
  • mount criticism

  • criticism i

    A typical criticism is:
  • main criticism

    The main criticism seems to be that he wanted to change things, forms of service and such like.

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