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  • rank and file

    But at least they were more hopeful about casualties amongst the rank and file, especially the foot.
  • file system

    This capability comes through the use of a virtual file system compatible with NFS.
  • command file

    Unfortunately, this needs 2 command lines and must be done using a CLI command file.
  • configuration file

    it checks that the given configuration file does exist
  • log file

    On each activation of a particular process, the log file is extended.
  • file management

    Any system for producing standard form letters can easily be extended to supply a complete file management system (see further Chapter 3).
  • text file

    It works with an HP Scanjet Directly which means you can store the text file as it scans.
  • network file

  • file name

    The file name that is to be used when the root package is read out.
  • direct file

    The basic criterion for the need to reorganize a direct file is that the number of seeks per access has risen appreciably.
  • single file

    The wooden bridge over the stream had to be crossed in single file.
  • file server

    So, what makes a good file server?
  • data file

    A statement which puts a byte to the data file whose file handle is the first argument.
  • file designer

    The file designer will try to keep these areas as small as possible to produce a well-packed file.
  • list file

    In a list file, this request requires access to all records on the ‘lecturer name’ list until the Perkins occurrence is found (if at all).

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