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  • gain access

    It can be used to gain access to libraries or computer rooms in the buildings.
  • order to gain

    Foals have to become part of the herd immediately after birth in order to gain the protection of the herd from lions and hyenas.
  • fail to gain

    Should a party polling a majority of votes fail to gain a majority of seats in the House, extra seats are allocated until a majority of one seat is achieved.
  • i gain

  • weight gain

    The main effect of the adult worms is to cause production loss in terms of diminished weight gain.
  • attempt to gain

    It was probably effective the first time, but now it is looked on as a desperate move, a last ditch attempt to gain attention.
  • gain entry

    Last season, Dungannon won the Ulster League which qualified them for a ‘round-robin’ series with the other provincial winners in a bid to gain entry to the AIL .
  • capital gain

    Nordic Capital, with a 20% holding, has put its capital gain at SK200m.
  • gain experience

    She was studying modern languages and had spent the previous year working in France to gain experience.
  • net gain

    In overall terms, there was a net gain of 9 per cent in the population of rural districts between 1951 and 1961, mainly owing to overspill from towns like Darlington and some growth in market towns such as Barnard Castle.
  • gain control

    It was only another instance of his drive to gain control, she told herself.
  • able to gain

    He seems to be on talking terms with the creator and is able to gain permission to tempt Job in a number of horrible ways.
  • gain or loss

    By s.21(1), above, the gain or loss need not be for the accused or to the victim.
  • gain under

    (2.2): It is to conduct the phase current (2 A) and must have the highest possible current gain under saturated conditions.
  • gain confidence

    She will gain confidence in communication and management skills, and her own knowledge will be tested.
  • stand to gain

    As one vice-chancellor said to New Scientist this week, ‘a government scientist does not stand to gain anything by backing a successful idea.
  • use to gain

  • expect to gain

    The rich and any poor (risk-averse) non-participants cannot expect to gain from any revolution and will be happy to see potential revolutionaries bought off.
  • gain greater

    Specifying ANDF alongside standards such as X/Open and GOSIP would allow users to fulfill their hardware and software requirements and gain greater leverage over suppliers in procurement deals, says Robertson.
  • gain weight

    On ceasing smoking many people gain weight, which can be 10lb (4.5kg) or even more.
  • need to gain

    They need to gain confidence and the child needs the opportunity to learn how the parent can establish limits.

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