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  • very good

    ‘A very good question, my dear.
  • good enough

    But it was not good enough for Mum.
  • good idea

    That is a good idea!
  • really good

    ‘We thought it was a really good cause,’ said Mrs Cowper, who dressed up as Grotbags.
  • pretty good

    Be honest, it looks pretty good.
  • have a good

    "Some people go to work and they're longing for the job to be finished so they can have a good time.
  • good practice

    ANDREW SMITH'S TIP: When keeping any bubble-nesting Anabantoid, it is good practice to include floating plants and plants that reach to the surface to provide hiding places and nest sites.
  • good reason

    Well, there are some very good reasons; and right now these arguments may well tip the balance.
  • good work

    as a good worker.
  • good luck

    But then, he got some A levels and he's finally got an Open University degree, good luck to him.
  • good job

    Making a good job of this!
  • few good

    There are a few good typing tutors on the market — I learnt to touch type with Mavis Beacon.
  • like a good

    Does that sound like a good idea for a couple of days?
  • make a good

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