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  • intermediate between

    They are intermediate between the soft underfur and the guard hairs of the topcoat.
  • intermediate level

    Higher level, intermediate level.
  • intermediate class

    I go to Maxine's erm intermediate class.
  • intermediate stage

    There are several variations of the route, in which other intermediate stages, if any, differ.
  • intermediate host

    When pig husbandry is based on pasture, control is extremely difficult because of the ubiquity and longevity of the earthworm intermediate host.
  • intermediate values

    The various intermediate values produced in computing these levels have been printed out and examined in some trials.
  • headway intermediate

  • intermediate or final

    The same procedure applies when you are turning inbound to intercept the intermediate or final approach.
  • intermediate range

    In 1959–60 intermediate range ballistic missiles were located on sites in Turkey pending the development of reliable American ICBMs.
  • intermediate product

    Large firms generally face a choice between making components and other intermediate products themselves, or buying in from outside — in other words, a decision whether to internalize or externalize a particular stage of production.
  • various intermediate

    Sometimes various intermediate courses of conduct are seen as required by neutrality.
  • intermediate development

    Module version information may be restricted to details on approved module versions only, with details on intermediate development versions omitted.
  • intermediate treatment

    However, we should always ask whether the functions identified could be better served by alternative methods, as has happened with the development of intermediate treatment for adolescent offenders.

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