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  • make sure

    This time I make sure he gets the taps.
  • make up

    Who could hope to make up such a deficit over the last four holes of Royal St. George's?
  • try to make

    Policies have their conditions and we try to make them as user friendly as possible but if people do not read conditions it is difficult for us to say we will ignore those conditions.’
  • make sense

    3. use background knowledge to set the document in its place and make sense of it.
  • have to make

    So I have to make sure it's measured right.
  • make love

    Was it possible that she had allowed Harry to make love to her?
  • must make

    ‘But we must make a plan.
  • i make

  • make use

    Indeed it will make use of the laws of physics, and nothing more than the laws of physics.
  • difficult to make

    These authors are right to point out that in cross sectional analyses it is difficult to make assumptions of causality.
  • want to make

    This, surely, would inflame Harry and make him want to make love to her.
  • make the most

    ‘Then let us continue and make the most of it.
  • make a good

    But if you think logically, why shouldn't a rat make a good pet?
  • able to make

    I can't say I'm doing a Page-type thing in the studio, but he was someone who was able to make very soulful records, and that was something that generated excitement in me at the time.
  • use to make

  • make life

    Er and it is that minority of unscrupulous traders who make life very difficult for you and of course make life very difficult for Trading Standards.
  • get to make

  • do make

    So do make sure that at least one of the contacts listed at the foot of the release is around to answer questions.
  • attempt to make

    But the heroes who convey this impression are merely embodying the Apolline response to life's horror: the attempt to make that horror acceptable.
  • make little

    ‘Much of the Government's approach to crime helps to make little crooks bigger criminals.
  • do not make

    Similarly, it appears that managers for the most part do not make strategic decisions.

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