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  • senior management

    If senior management figures are considered, about three per cent(52 out of 1000) are women; five years ago the figure was only one per cent .
  • management system

    Financial and other management systems
  • management systems

    Financial and other management systems
  • network management

    Paradigm, including one network management platform interface and one client, is priced at $10,000.
  • management control

    Lowndes found that management controls and stock levels were not as good as they had hoped.
  • management development

    It is also the hub of a worldwide management development network.
  • local management

    ‘Under local management many schools cannot afford their own security system,’ he said.
  • systems management

    The next two steps will be COSE II for networking, interoperability and distributed computing, and COSE III for systems management, and there is more where those are coming from.
  • financial management

    Have civil servants and their Ministers accepted the new regime of cash limits, financial management and spending squeezes?
  • management committee

    Capella merely agreed, under suit, to provide a management committee.
  • management were

    These antidotes to scientific management were aimed at two management problem areas, concerning moral and operational issues, respectively.
  • management information

    Ad hoc reports are an essential part of any system that aspires not merely to process data routinely but to permit management information to be creamed off the top.
  • database management

    Increasingly, however, relational database management systems are being used so that they are now by far the most common database management systems.
  • management style

    Such a management style was by no means typical of Nigeria alone.
  • traffic management

    The development of traffic management in residential areas in Britain
  • object management

    The agreement will lead the integration of the product line with Hyperdesk's HD-DOMS distributed object management system.
  • team management

    This is where good team management would have helped.
  • storage management

    The Iceberg subsystem ‘will provide unique storage management capabilities to address the mission-critical segment of large-scale, information-processing systems and networks,’ the company says.
  • risk management

    David's Number 2, Corporate Manager John Hemingway is responsible for advising branches and small to medium corporates on currency and interest rate risk management.


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