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  • noun phrases

    Subcategorization for noun phrases and verb phrases of all types.
  • plural noun

    (‘Athens’ is a plural noun in Greek; one might compare other such synoikised places, like Philippi.)
  • head noun

    They are alike in that both form part of a single entity-identifier; this is reflected in surface syntax by the fact that they form part of the same noun phrase as their head noun.
  • single noun

    In general, the following word forms are included; where it is possible to describe a subject with a single noun, this is preferred.
  • singular noun

    Probably NP0 (proper noun), but maybe NN1 (singular noun)
  • noun or noun

    The temptation to equate the two positions relies apparently on two things: on the fact that in each case we have an adjective and a noun or noun phrase, and on the supposition that attributive adjectives and predicative adjectives all share the referential locus of the head noun to which they are related.

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