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  • take place

    ‘It was the domestic economy where recovery failed to take place’.
  • place where

    This was the place where Troy had asked her to meet him.
  • good place

    It wasn't a good place to sit and sort out your future.
  • place called

    In the middle of the instep there is a place called ‘exact coastline uncertain’ and this became my place of work.
  • special place

    Crossroads have a special place in tradition.
  • place before

    I must say I was quite surpri I've never set foot in the place before since that time we went down before it was open.
  • out of place

    She had looked around the company and seen that she was not out of place at all.
  • take place during

    The briefings will take place during February, March and April at venues in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Loughborough.
  • safe place

    I felt as if you'd left me…as if I was alone on a bridge and there was no safe place at all…’
  • first place

    ‘He was never yours in the first place.

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