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  • poverty line

    Surveys revealed that a third of the population lived below the poverty line.
  • poverty in old

    What are the links between female poverty in old age and access to occupational pension scheme benefits?
  • below the poverty

    Surveys revealed that a third of the population lived below the poverty line.
  • poverty among

    As discussed in Chapter I government statistics obscure almost as much as they reveal the extent of poverty among women.
  • live in poverty

    Thus more than twice as many older women as older men live in poverty or on its margins.
  • child poverty action

  • widespread poverty

    Because the widespread poverty of older women and the penury experienced by some groups among them derive to a considerable extent from the operation of social and economic policies within patriarchal capitalism, any major change in their status rests on the development of alternative policies.
  • poverty trap

    Before 1988 the implicit tax rates associated with the poverty trap were also, in some cases, greater than 100%.
  • out of poverty

    And to the many other ways in which CARE is helping the world's poorest people to find a way out of poverty and ill-health.
  • people in poverty

    Figure 5.5 shows the percentage of people in poverty (i.e. below the Federally-defined poverty level) in each State who were receiving AFDC benefits in 1980.
  • relief of poverty

    The relief of poverty or other distress.
  • rural poverty

    No sign of rural poverty or of Wordsworth's desolate vagrants or the growth of urban immigration.
  • relative poverty

    Nevertheless, a majority of Goyigamas, in common with the rest of the population, lived in relative poverty.
  • poverty should

    That is why the issue of pay for office became "a political symbol" — a symbol of the determination of the democrats that poverty should not be a bar to political participation, as Pericles and Euripides boasted it was not.
  • poverty action group

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