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  • have the privilege

    Please ensure that you have the privilege to modify the modules.
  • privilege of being

    I had the privilege of being there and I will never forget the experience.
  • manager privilege

  • parliamentary privilege

    Broadly speaking, the courts have taken the view that the bounds of parliamentary privilege are fixed by the common law which they have the right to declare.
  • privilege to use

    You must have LIFESPAN Manager privilege to use this option.
  • qualify privilege

  • lifespan marketing privilege

  • ssr controller privilege

  • privilege to have

    I feel it was an enormous privilege to have known them because they made work such fun.
  • ssr operations privilege

  • claim to privilege

    Accordingly, it must follow on the facts that the claim to privilege was not made out.
  • privilege should

    However it is recommended that this privilege should be assigned to one individual in order to avoid any conflict of activity.
  • model operations privilege

    Option 7.3.1 — Install/Deinstall Process Models enables users with process model operations privilege to install and deinstall process models.
  • executive privilege

    Reagan refused to abide by the ruling and on Feb. 5, the deadline for the release of the diaries, the former President invoked executive privilege — the principle that a President's communications should remain confidential.
  • sense of privilege

    The detective enjoyed the sense of privilege imparted by being an insider.

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