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  • seismic profiles

    On seismic profiles the unconformity is characterised by gently on-lapping reflectors from above and a subcropping series of strong-amplitude discontinuous events.
  • wage profiles

    As the overall shape of wage profiles are widely recognized why do workers not stay longer with one firm?
  • profile have

  • weather profiles

  • profile of development

  • profile were

  • management awareness profiles

    This showed that management awareness profiles were circulated to the staff in 30 of the 34 units that answered the relevant question.
  • customer profiles

    The Bristol and West will become the first building society in Britain to use customer profiles to determine interest rates when the scheme is introduced in the middle of next year.
  • financial profiles

    The chapter began with a discussion of the contribution that accountants might make to financial profiles for different locations on portfolio matrices, and the use and abuse of ROI.
  • velocity profiles

    Figure 21.26 shows velocity profiles at two distances downstream from the start of the heated section.
  • bile acid profiles

    The role of the colon in modifying biliary bile acid composition, has prompted several groups to examine the biliary bile acid profiles of patients with colorectal cancer or adenomatous polyps with conflicting results.
  • maturity profiles

    Computed maturity profiles for the Westphalian formations in Quadrant 48.
  • profile of retail

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