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  • right through

    His eyes resemble dish-telescopes that seem to look right through his friends, and he sees the psychic energy people emit as an astrophysicist's radio-telescope ‘sees’ sounds bounced off distant galaxies.
  • right time

    The white burst into real form at the right time for the cup.
  • go right

    Fall down and right, go up and collect the star, fly up two platforms and right, push the crate onto the switch, go left and fall down, fall through the left side of the cave floor you land in, go right on the ride and collect the arrow, go left on the ride and up on the platforms, go right on the platforms in the cave above, push the crate right onto the switch, go right, down and left on the dodgems, jump up onto the platforms, then onto the wall above, go right through the wall and collect the star so you can fly, fly left, up, go right and collect the arrow.
  • have the right

    The Press have the right to attend as part of the public.
  • right so

    (27 November 1777) Among his complaints were that Mozart and his mother had stayed too long in Munich and Augsburg using up their money on lodging expenses without having any means of earning money, that Mozart was not keeping him fully apprised of exactly where his plans lay, how he was proposing to get from one place to another and by which route and when, that he was not keeping up with his composition, nor arranging to have existing works copied so that he could present them to an influential Prince or noble, and that he had not taken the right sorts of composition with him — too many symphonies and not enough church music.
  • right hemisphere

    Although Moscovitch argued that the right hemisphere showed little or no language ability, other workers have since been less dismissive.
  • do my right

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