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  • save the children

  • try to save

    They go back, they interfere, they try to save her from herself.
  • save money

    And you're wanting to save money, isn't that right?
  • save time

    Computers also save time.
  • want to save

    With a revolving credit account you decide with you bank how much you want to save each month.
  • god save

  • save up

    You can save up to £9,000 in a Tessa account.
  • save energy

    Switch off and save energy (2f)
  • able to save

    Even if he'd been rushed straight to hospital, they might not have been able to save him.
  • way to save

    Antibiotics and more importantly intravenous fluid therapy are most important and the only way to save serious cases.
  • help to save

    He pleaded with the writers to help to save Modigliani.
  • order to save

    He justifies his action on the grounds that as a surgeon severs limbs to save life, so he, Gandhi, severs the body from the soul in order to save the soul.
  • get to save

  • gonna save

    You gonna save this purple wool?
  • save a lot

    Will it will it save a lot of hassles.

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