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  • science and technology

    First, science and technology push, the activity which we have concentrated on so far.
  • social science

    Only two switched to social science or humanities.
  • education and science

    The same day the secretaries of the state for trade and industry (Peter Lilley) and for education and science (Kenneth Clarke) announced a pilot scheme to build up partnerships between HE and industrial research organisation
  • political science

    As such it might characterise mainstream political science — the bulk of the contributions to the major political science journals, for example, could fall into this category.
  • science and engineering

    The non-university institutions have more mature entrants, more without formal qualifications, more from social classes III-V, their effective length of course is shorter, and they will be less affected by a switch to longer science and engineering courses than will the university sector.
  • science fiction

    Not science fiction, it's called symbolic
  • between science

    Carrithers (this volume) makes a useful distinction between science and pop science.
  • science does

    But the value of UFO research to science does seem clear.
  • computer science

    and computer science I mean, that's where the answers all come, I'm quite sure, I'm just sceptical, that we know how much about it.
  • physical science

    Those students who did not have an instrumental or single-minded attitude towards studying physics or physical science were the least successful.
  • science should

    It is in such mediating contexts, rather than in any direct tie to capital through laissez faire , that the social history of Darwin's science should be sought.
  • science and international

    05: Political science and international relations
  • science studies

    Science policy and science studies
  • policy and science

    Science policy and science studies
  • science journals

    In his spare time he reads social science journals and contemporary Hungarian literature, or cooks for his family or friends.
  • science policy

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