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  • second half

    Not all went well as the second half began.
  • second time

    ‘Sure?’ she said for a second time.
  • during the second

    The cause of recovering Greenham Common for the people has been taken up by the author of Watership Down, Mr Richard Adams, who knew the area before it was requisitioned during the second world war.
  • second round

    The second round is due to take place on 28 March.
  • second division

    They will, er they say a second division team will win it this year.
  • first and second

    That year was the high point of the concentration of marital fertility on first and second births.
  • second part

    The second part related to prisoners serving life sentences.
  • second goal

    The second goal doesn't deserve comment.
  • second group

    The second group there, including yourself will be group B.
  • second world war

    second world war
  • second set

    If there is any space above the main doors, a filler panel can be added or, if high enough, a second set of storage cupboards.
  • second wave

    What does this survey of the impact of the second wave tell us about the likely impact of the third wave in the 1990s and the consequences for developing managers?
  • second quarter net

    General Automation Inc has reported second quarter net profits down 40.5% at $477,000 after tax credits of $225,000 this time.
  • second century

    An even more natural centre for economic growth was the junction of Ermine Street and Stane Street at Braughing, where, from the second century onwards, there were several possible strip buildings associated with bone-, iron- and copper-working.
  • second language

    The ‘monitor’ corrects or edits the output of the second language user.
  • second or third

    The first changes of net water and ion transport were observed after the second or third hour after administration of cholera toxin.
  • second reason

    The second reason has to do with a simple fact of communication.
  • second generation

    ‘We, the second generation of Pininfarina, had given him great joy and pride.
  • second and third

    He decided to go on to the second and third caves, determined to find what he was looking for.

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