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  • go to sleep

    to go to sleep.
  • rem sleep

  • have to sleep

    You'll have to sleep and dream INCUBUS.
  • sleep until

    We didn't get to sleep until about three then.
  • hours sleep

    Better get it over with, her mind urges her exhausted body, then at least you'll get a couple of hours sleep before dawn.
  • sleep under

    I said we'd sooner sleep under the hedges.
  • do not sleep

  • loss of sleep

    These results suggest that any sleep is enough to prevent the failures of attention which worsen performance on the tasks which are most sensitive to the effects of loss of sleep.
  • sleep like

    Ooh your dad and I will sleep like a top.
  • deep sleep

    He was just thinking about the boy in the Post Office when he fell instantly into a deep sleep.


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