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  • native speakers

    Here are some suggestions for visiting native speakers: do it regularly
  • speakers were

    Erm some of the speakers were excellent.
  • many speakers

    More importantly, this is the relationship as it is perceived by many speakers, both in the Caribbean and in Britain.
  • speakers have

    Thus in a working-class network, well-integrated speakers have high nonstandard scores.
  • two speakers

    Here is an example where two speakers are involved:
  • guest speakers

    The monthly meetings include discussions of Club business, talks by guest speakers and vendor presentations.
  • four speakers

    Now we've got four speakers so far on this matter er Chris
  • speakers of english

  • speakers use

    At election times speakers used the gallery to advertise their politics.
  • speakers do

    Some speakers do indeed produce utterances in the expectation that hearers will recover a specific set of propositions.
  • english speakers

  • black speakers

    Words in category (2) seem to be confined to black speakers, though this remains at this stage an untested observation.
  • invite speakers

    The Delegates Conference during the Scarborough Congress in 1968 accordingly recommended "a long-term enquiry during which branches were to be encouraged to consider the question carefully and to invite speakers on the subject, followed by a postal vote by individual members for guidance on future policy."
  • set of speakers

    because you only sort of need to buy one set of speakers

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