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  • highly specialized

    Which I'd know nothing about, er but just highly specialized in itself.
  • specialize knowledge

  • specialize nature

  • specialize form

  • very specialized

    The study has involved a curious concentration of effort in one very specialized environment.
  • have specialized

    What's happened is because the potential market has risen, firms have specialized.
  • relatively specialized

    It meant an increasingly rational and symmetrical organization of navies, the division of their ships into well-defined classes, each with relatively specialized functions and a fixed quota of men and guns.
  • specialize frugivores

  • specialize information

  • specialize academic

  • few specialized

    Very few specialized in this new field; Gurney, Myers and Podmore were among them.
  • specialize for particular

  • specialize roles

  • specialize division

  • many specialized

    There are many specialized bibliographies published on limited subject areas.
  • specialize skills

  • specialize field

  • specialize management

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