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  • during the study

    No such changes were observed in a group of eight insulin-dependent diabetics whose glycaemic control was only monitored during the study period (Giugliano et al, 1982).
  • areas of study

    successfully completed the assessment schedules of all six areas of study.
  • detail study

  • study shows

    This study shows a central stimulatory effect of neuropeptide Y on bile secretion that is mediated by the vagus nerve.
  • study of social

    At its most complex, the analysis of social material in art extends into the study of social relations.
  • scientific study

    Richard Noble describes the heart of an instrument which can be used for serious scientific study.
  • feasibility study

    A RNLI spokesman said a feasibility study has concluded that the resort has the potential to be chosen for the prestigious tourist attraction.
  • study should

    That is why Bible study should never be dull for a Christian.
  • present study

    The largest number of related papers in the present study is 9.
  • case study

    Greg son (1987: 5) asks ‘whether locality can be approached as an object of study in its own right or whether it is simply another term for the case study method?’
  • historical study

    ‘I mean it's an object of historical study like any other.

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