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  • throw away

    ‘I used to throw away plastic razors all the time.
  • throw light

    Life-positions throw light on why it is that some people tend to be winners and some losers in life.
  • i throw

  • throw up

    and lavatories throw up,
  • go to throw

  • just throw

    Don't just throw empty accusations around!’
  • want to throw

    ‘You make me want to throw up .’
  • throw off

    The minister said that he felt as if he were being pursued by a wild animal and could only throw off his clothes to distract its attention.
  • throw out

    I urge the House to throw out the amendment.
  • up and throw

    His pick up and throw too good for Salim Malik.
  • have to throw

    You won't even have to throw me off Water Gypsy .
  • throw stones

    ‘We throw stones to avenge Palestine,’ boasted a ten-year-old.
  • then throw

    You can catch the ball and then throw it.
  • use to throw

    I urge the House to throw out the amendment.
  • throw it off

    When the ship was swinging round, they'd go down the river,th that here rope was still on the bollard so to throw it off
  • throw them away

    If I , I'll throw them away!
  • throw any light

    In many, I suspect most, cases references to Parliamentary materials will not throw any light on the matter.
  • throw it out

    If an attractive chair gets damaged, don't throw it out.
  • throw some light

    Can you throw some light on it?
  • throw me out

    Once on this tour…he wanted to throw me out!’
  • throw myself

    By day I throw myself into my work.

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