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  • better off

    We're no better off now than what we were before.
  • even better

    It got even better.
  • far better

    Wherever its East German ally, the German Social Union, did well, the Christian Democrats did far better.
  • little better

    You tell your lover boy next time he goes lion hunting he should get himself just a little better organized.
  • have been better

    Would it not have been better for them to wait until the children came home for Christmas?
  • do better

    The previous day Bull took out a newspaper advertisement promising to do better in future.
  • better get

    Well we want, I better get
  • better known

    Maccheroni — better known as marcaroni.
  • i better

  • better tell

    ‘I suppose you'd better tell me all about it.
  • lot better

    ooh it is, it's a lot better, yes quite a while
  • better have

    So you better have something er,something for tea.
  • better way

    Far better way to go than that but
  • bite better

  • be better

    and we will certainly be better with than without him.
  • better equipped

    I was probably better equipped to compete in the Tour de France than play top class football.’
  • get better

    ‘I know I'll get better, but what happens after that?’
  • better understanding

    There can never be an excuse for what happened to James Bulger, but we should all hope that some day there will be a better understanding of why it happened.

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