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  • loss or damage

    Any liability, injury, loss or damage arising while any motor vehicle insured by this policy is being:
  • damage caused

    Clearing up the debris after a teenage party and the damage caused by fire or flood is no problem to this new breed of cleaner.
  • cause damage

    They protect them and improve their ability to cause damage.
  • environmental damage

    Deep mining also produces environmental damage.
  • damage done

    The cattle owner was held responsible for any damage done by his animal.
  • physical damage

    What category does the damage fall into: physical damage or economic loss?
  • serious damage

    Now they can use it to predict — and thus forestall — more serious damage.
  • brain damage

    One or all four limbs of the body may be affected depending on the nature of the brain damage.
  • prevent damage

    Place a metal strip around borders to prevent damage to the lawn edges
  • damage inflicted

    The pipes were going well considering the damage inflicted on them during and after the landings.
  • damage sustained

    Payments under this scheme do not affect any legal rights you may have to take action for any loss or damage sustained and do not constitute an admission of liability on our part.
  • little damage

    Do very little damage.
  • least damage

    By the end of the 1980s, most of the Ministry of Education's ingenuity was focused on how to make cuts which would do the least damage.
  • damage is caused

    This amount will not apply if the damage is caused by fire.
  • great damage

    We already have the first stage of economic and monetary union — the exchange rate mechanism — and it is already doing great damage to Britain.
  • structural damage

    Slight structural damage occurs (chimney-pots and slates removed).
  • loss and damage

    For example, in the case of situation (b) above, there would be a right to a complete refund of the price paid together with compensation for loss and damage caused.

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