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  • use to define

    It suggests criteria the Welsh Office should use to define Green Belts, all of which should win CPRW's support.
  • attempt to define

    In a better attempt to define the intermediate diameter (I) of particles retained on sieves of specific nominal diameters (D sv ) Komar
  • able to define

    I would defy anyone to be able to define Kenneth perfectly.
  • possible to define

    It is impossible to define poetry from within.
  • try to define

    I do not think it would be helpful to try to define the point at which the court should be prepared to disregard the 16- or 17-year-old child's wishes to refuse medical treatment.
  • impossible to define

    It is impossible to define poetry from within.
  • do not define

  • need to define

    Once the unit of analysis has been identified, we need to define the population.
  • right to define

    The point is that the law demands the right to define the permissible exceptions.
  • difficult to define

    The concept of stress or strain is difficult to define (but see Gilleard, 1984).
  • define the limits

    Criminal libel is unlikely to occur other than rarely, but is available to define the limits of acceptable behaviour.
  • hard to define

    In the previous chapter it was suggested that policies are complex phenomena which are hard to define with any precision.
  • define the extent

    Various measurements have been advocated to define the extent of cranial settling.
  • do you define

    I'd like to just bring you back to the first question you asked, which was how do you define sexual harassment.
  • should define

    The module referred to by BUILT-BY should define the file names which are a result of the building process.
  • define with greater

    That would have the advantages of specifying with precision what the parties have agreed, thus avoiding misunderstanding, and of enabling the justices to define with greater precision points at which they may have tentatively determined to depart from the agreed proposals (post, pp. 277H — 278B).
  • help to define

    Parents' child management and social skills, as well as their self-esteem, help to define who is at risk.
  • accurately define

    Moreover, the crude preparation obtained was devoid of exonuclease activities and could be used to accurately define the nature of the cleavage products.

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