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  • sexual difference

    Foreignness for me provided a difference that moved me in a way that sexual difference never did ’(‘Home and Abroad’, 44, my emphasis).
  • significant difference

    There is, however, one significant difference.
  • only difference

    Hopefully their presence is the only difference he'd notice.
  • little difference

    They have now been varied slightly but they make very little difference.
  • real difference

    What real difference will it make to you to rethink this aspect of your employment?
  • important difference between

    The most important difference between the two approaches ensued from the public setting of the court case.
  • main difference

    The rules are very similar, the main difference being that in most cases the cooling-off period under the Consumer Credit Act will be longer.
  • dramatic difference

    About 1960 a dramatic difference in incidence emerged between residents of Copenhagen and residents of the rest of Denmark.
  • make no difference

    It will make no difference.
  • big difference between

    What's the difference th One of the big difference between organic and inorganic chemistry?
  • difference being

    The EG is available in three models: EG-1, EG-2 and EG-3, the difference being in each guitar's pickup configuration.
  • bite of difference

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