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  • military exercises

    Postponement of British military exercises
  • exercise have

  • stretch exercises

  • write exercises

  • exercise were

  • breathe exercises

  • floor exercises

    And, lots of floor exercises as well.
  • simple exercises

    There are relatively simple exercises to build strength.
  • practical exercises

    Philosophical, critical and semiotic theory of music, including practical exercises in criticism.
  • exercise power

  • do exercises

    ‘They drive you mad,’ I said, thinking of the time I was about to murder my husband with the pressure-cooker, ‘did he do exercises in bed?’
  • few exercises

    We're gonna do cubing in a minute, do a few exercises on cubing.
  • suggestions and exercises

  • relaxation exercises

    The Zeneca stress course ends with special relaxation exercises.

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