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  • few extra

    I tried many ways of earning a few extra bob.
  • little extra

    We need that, we'd need that little extra line on lots and lots of procedures
  • extra weight

    Do not be too concerned as you will find you lose the extra weight once you have eliminated the offending foods again.
  • extra work

    Get home from school early as there is extra work to do.’
  • extra detail

    The extra detail visible in the monkey's brain might just be a consequence of it being bigger than the rat's, but a comparison between the somatosensory cortices of the two animals shows that this isn't so, for this time it is in the rat that the extra detail is visible.
  • extra cash

    Money Don't take on too much work: the extra cash isn't worth it.
  • extra charge

    Left-handers at no extra charge
  • add extra

    She waited for a while, then she undressed and climbed into bed, the coat thrown over the top to add extra warmth.
  • two extra

    18 O, for example, with an atomic mass of 18 units, has two extra neutrons.
  • extra support

    The ward staff should be aware of this problem and give extra support and supervision when necessary.
  • have an extra

    ‘Let me have an extra copy of these ones.’
  • pay extra

    People pay extra for add-ons to basic cover.
  • add an extra

  • extra time

    I was actually looking forward to extra time because I was so sure that we would win.
  • extra virgin olive

    Blend vinegar and seasoning, stir in the finely chopped lemon and whisk in the well flavoured oil (Waitrose own label extra virgin olive oil is very good).
  • extra money

    ‘This is already an area of outstanding natural beauty and we would welcome the extra money without the extra bureaucracy.’

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