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  • friend the member

  • learn friend

  • honourable friend

    Has my right honourable friend had an opportunity to see the report from three I s, investors in industry, in which they have surveyed five hundred of the companies in which they invest and the confidence factor of those businesses is higher now than it's ever been since they started the surveys in nineteen eighty eight.
  • friend the minister

  • good friend

    She's a good friend of is she?
  • old friend

    Yeah you mean he's an old friend of yours.
  • get a friend

  • best friend

    I'm your best friend.’
  • friend john

  • great friend

    Now a new and delightful character must be introduced, Ivy's great friend Herman Schrijver.
  • close friend

    Ramos was replaced on July 17 by his close friend, Gen. Renato de Villa, a former Chief of Staff.
  • friend accept

  • mutual friend

    ‘Through a mutual friend at the Consulate.’
  • noble friend

    By bestowing the name Piercea in 1759 on a West Indian plant, Miller honoured his noble friend, ‘not only a great encourager of botanical skills, but greatly skilled in the science itself’.

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