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  • wind generator

    There are two techniques for using a wind generator or a solar panel.
  • report generator

    In addition to user interface changes, a repair report generator was added.
  • applications generator

    SeaGen is an applications generator with its own virtual machine architecture.
  • constant frequency generator

    We will introduce the constant frequency generator at prototype number four.
  • code generator

    New modules include Foundation Design, a design and analysis tool; Foundation Construction, a code generator for target environments and Foundation Production, a Unix communications module.
  • phase sequence generator

    Clock pulses are fed to both the phase sequence generator and the downcounter.
  • application generator

    DECVoicebuilder is an enhanced voice application generator running under DECWindows-OSF Motif.
  • cash generator

    It's a very big cash generator for the very high cover price and that should benefit from this year's Olympics.

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