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  • grammatical structure

    A parser is an extension of a recogniser which assigns grammatical structure to the input.
  • grammatical category

    Each word is tagged with its grammatical category.
  • grammatical categories

    Hence it was necessary to first determine the grammatical categories of the words in the corpus.
  • grammatical units

    Words themselves can be broken down into the minimal grammatical units known as MORPHEMES (stems and affixes).
  • grammatical elements

    The vast majority of meaningful elements in a language, whether they are full constituents or have some lesser status, are at the same time grammatical elements.
  • range of grammatical

    Stage 6: Evidence of the full range of grammatical sentences.
  • grammatical features

    The eight grammatical features which Lee scores are shown in Figure 7.4, with examples of highest and lowest scoring items.
  • grammatical gender

    Whatever the true origins of grammatical gender, it cannot be true that it has nothing to do with sex.
  • particular grammatical

    Indeed, it is not surprising that a member of this particular grammatical category should have been brought into play here.
  • lexical and grammatical

    In 2 we looked at the details of formal lexical and grammatical connections between sentences in monologue.
  • have grammatical

    It can have grammatical ‘mistakes’ in it, and often does.
  • grammatical meaning

    The infinitive as such in English, that whose grammatical meaning is generated by the mental mechanisms involved in the system of the verb, corresponds to the so-called "bare infinitive" .
  • grammatical rules

    Care has been taken to ensure that getting the right answer requires a genuine understanding of the grammatical rules.
  • grammatical structures

    In teaching the grammar, the most essential grammatical structures, in their minimal forms, should be drilled first.
  • grammatical differences

    Most, but not all, of these grammatical differences are correlated with semantic differences.
  • grammatical information

    More general dictionaries tend to define grammatical information less formally than these learners dictionaries.
  • grammatical and semantic

    In such cases, the recurrent relationship must be simultaneously grammatical and semantic if the units are to be assigned to the same lexeme.
  • grammatical and lexical

    In order to appreciate the factors which motivate a writer or speaker to make this kind of selection, one needs to think of the clause as a message rather than as a string of grammatical and lexical elements.

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