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  • main line

    A curve branched off the terminal stub, less than a car's length from the end of the track and joined the Corporation's main line on West Croydon Bridge.
  • line between

    If Holt thinks that this proposal would remove an arbitrary boundary line between adults and children, then he is mistaken.
  • front line

    (I wonder if he realized that there are serried ranks of townies behind the front line that he has encountered.)
  • product line

    Chester's need a new product line.
  • line should

    In this context, the line should read ‘for you and me’.
  • follow the line

    They follow the line of the cliff edge closely and seem curious at the presence of humans.
  • divide line

  • straight line

    So I'm standing straighter on a straight line.
  • use of line

    Gerald James' concluding feature on marquetry methods looks at the use of line to create wooden decoration, and offers advice on choice of veneers, composition, the use of line and grain, and mirror images
  • railway line

    Yeah that's along the road some of the blue is along the railway line
  • first line

    first line.
  • long line

    Two Tyne class and the last of the long line of Aruns had also gone to their new stations.

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