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  • apply linguistics

  • structural linguistics

    The early structuralists analyse relations between larger elements of meaning than is entertained in structural linguistics.
  • language and linguistics

  • professor of linguistics

    It is also to be found in the special character of the theory of language which more than any other was responsible for this development, that of the Swiss philologist and professor of linguistics Ferdinand de Saussure (1857–1913).
  • modern linguistics

    According to Jonathan Culler, Ferdinand de Saussure is the father of modern linguistics, the man who re-organised the systematic study of languages in such a way as to make possible the achievements of twentieth century linguists.
  • computational linguistics

    Most importantly the use of syntactic information has a long history in computational linguistics.
  • between linguistics

    There is then a double confusion in the connection between linguistics and anthropology that Lévi-Strauss attempts:

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