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  • shop list

  • list of names

    It was only when the headmaster had finished reading the list of names that the hubbub started.
  • wait list

  • list should

    The price on the net list should be six pound eighty.
  • full list

    There s also a full list of the senator's telephone numbers.’
  • have a list

    You've got to have a list of words there.
  • through a list

    The following example program segment reads through a list of names looking for the name in"name$.
  • long list

    ‘Don't add acquisitiveness to the long list of my sins.
  • get a list

    So when yo you get a list of the file, you do a file retrieve, they're all listed in alphabetical order.
  • list his official

    To ask the Prime Minister if he will list his official engagements for Tuesday 5 November.

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