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  • marriage between

    Ms Sultana, of Lawrence Street, Dundee, said her family was approached in 1989 by Ahmed's family to arrange a marriage between them.
  • marriage guidance

    I forced him to try marriage guidance and then backed off bawling when he told our counsellor he'd felt alienated since our eldest, then seven, was two.’
  • marriage were

    ‘I mean that all my fears about marriage were based on my experience with Cherith.’
  • marriage relationship

    The genuine vulnerability of the marriage relationship can be seen in, the high frequency of adultery and divorce that is typical of Semai communities.
  • marriage registers

    Dr Schofield, from a study of the marriage registers of 274 parishes, found no significant improvement in overall male literacy levels between 1754, when marriage registers began to require signature, and 1815.
  • first marriage

    ‘Mother's been in Ireland since her first marriage.
  • institution of marriage

    After all, had he wanted to praise the institution of marriage itself, he could have turned to his niece and regretted his solitary life by admitting, ‘You got it right.
  • age at marriage

    These reflect changes in marriage rates, age at marriage, divorce and child bearing.
  • second marriage

    His second marriage was more conventional.
  • marriage certificate

    Your marriage certificate is a couple of pounds extra.

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