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  • mass media

    How much of those snapshots might a history of mass media study?
  • media item

    When a media item is to be mounted, its identifier will be displayed.
  • media coverage

    I'd ensured generous media coverage.
  • media were

    The news media were alerted and were following the police convoy.
  • media education

    Africans stimulate media education
  • electronic media

    The government also intends to allow private organisations and individuals to own and operate the electronic media — radio, television, video and film.
  • media have

    Since the outbreak of the war, mainstream US media have been enthusiastically jingoistic and bloodthirsty.
  • print media

    Book publishing is another important aspect of the print media to which private organisations and the government should pay serious attention.
  • media items

    Now that LIFESPAN knows about the media types and units it can use, you can tell it about the specific media items you have available for it.
  • alternative media

    This will continue with particular emphasis on developing regional resources for the teaching of communication and for training in alternative media work.
  • media attention

    They were receiving a fair amount of media attention.
  • media reporting

    Unlike media reporting of the actual events, ‘I can't even see how it's in the public interest.’
  • media vision

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