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  • next meeting

    Date of next meeting
  • first meeting

    On 20 June 1961 Pope John addressed the first meeting of the central commission.
  • annual general meeting

    A Director so appointed shall hold office only until the next following annual general meeting.
  • last meeting

    Well we were supposed to meet after the last meeting which was cancelled.
  • council meeting

    He has tabled a question on the issue for tomorrow's council meeting.
  • meet between

  • annual meeting

    FORMER Worcestershire captain Phil Neale is set to become only the fifth honorary life member of the club at the county's annual meeting in February.
  • mass meeting

    The deal, at Northern Engineering Industries, Newcastle upon Tyne, will be put to a mass meeting of workers today.
  • meet place

  • before the meeting

    If you wish any further clarification or discussions on this paper before the meeting please give me a ring on the number below.
  • public meeting

    All these schemes begin with a public meeting which local chiefs and members of parliament attend.
  • forward to meeting

    I look forward to meeting Mr. O'Kennedy's successor, Dr. Woods, so that we can continue this co-operation in the future.
  • business meeting

    It is not a job that can be undertaken on the basis of a business meeting of the governors once a term.
  • seek a meeting

  • committee meeting

    Perhaps, we a standard agenda item on every quality committee meeting and, and it be out of the .
  • meet in paris

  • enjoy meeting

    ‘I thought you'd enjoy meeting some of the local people, away from the usual tourist traps.

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