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  • multiple sclerosis

    D'ya know more women su suffer from multiple sclerosis than men?
  • multiple choice

    These are followed by a multiple choice questionnaire on Part 1.
  • multiple data

    The system was developed to work with multiple databases, including Ingres, Oracle and Btrieve, various local nets such as NetWare and TCP/IP, and a variety of computers.
  • multiple injuries

    He died from multiple injuries.
  • multiple regression analysis

    Table IV gives the results for multiple regression analysis using all the variables shown in this study to influence the random haemoglobin A 1 value.
  • across multiple

    Some of the added capabilities include Escon optical channel support, data striping across multiple disks and disk mirroring.
  • multiple deprivation

    Such concentrations of multiple deprivation contain their own built-in momentum that has been characterized as a ‘cycle of poverty’(Raynor et al., 1974).
  • multiple linear

    Respiratory symptoms were analysed by multiple logistic regression and lung function standard deviation scores by multiple linear regression.
  • die from multiple

  • originally had multiple

    Patients who originally had multiple ‘primary’ gall stones always had multiple recurrent gall stones while those who initially had solitary stones invariably had solitary recurrent stones.
  • have multiple

    These improvements can be implemented immediately, and could have multiple benefits in improving economic competitiveness and in environmental protection.
  • use multiple

    In all but the most complex of tasks, those that use multiple colours or require photographs, all the artwork can be prepared in-house.
  • multiple instruction

    Intel says the compiler enables systems developers to take advantage of superscalar characteristics like scheduling multiple instructions per clock cycle.

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