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  • music hall

    In September 1847, £2,500 was allocated for a combined lecture room, library, reading room and music hall.
  • pop music

    pop music
  • music schools

    Britain has few specialist music schools outside London, which means a lot of travelling for many talented youngsters.
  • music week

  • dance music

    We want to change the whole concept of how dance music is appreciated, so that people can see it for what it is.
  • classical music

    It wasn't classical music that brought him his widest audience, but musicals like ‘On the Town’, ‘Candide’ and ‘West Side Story’.
  • music festival

    His music festival lives on.’
  • sheet music

    In Yamshchikov's view the Hamburg sheet music library, which has lain for forty-five years in one of St Petersburg's special storage areas, could be used for barter.
  • popular music

    Given this, negative coverage from the popular music press, who rely on the commercial music industry for their survival, is excusable.

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