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  • able to negotiate

    You should be able to negotiate an agreement of costs in most cases.
  • attempt to negotiate

    Keane, rated in the £5m bracket, is out of contract at the end of next season and has already rebuffed Brian Clough's first attempt to negotiate a new deal.
  • should negotiate

    ‘We should negotiate’, he concluded.
  • need to negotiate

    If the latter, do you need to negotiate special exceptions, for example in respect of your pension position?
  • negotiate a settlement

    I wish to negotiate a settlement between yourselves and your attackers.’
  • position to negotiate

    If a buyer has access to a seller's cost structure then he is in a powerful position to negotiate a cheaper price, or at least avoid paying too high a price.
  • negotiate a contract

    We shall work with your lawyer to assist you to negotiate a contract on the best available terms.
  • authority to negotiate

    negotiating team: make sure the other side in any negotiation has complete authority to negotiate and to settle
  • difficult to negotiate

    Gradually, their surroundings changed, and they emerged into an unfamiliar area of Haling Heart, which while being more lush, was also wilder and difficult to negotiate.
  • negotiate a discount

    You can pull out of the purchase or negotiate a discount to cover the costs.
  • have to negotiate

    I'll have to negotiate with Frank don't I?
  • seek to negotiate

    what I was going to suggest is that we should s seek to negotiate with them a turnover rent.

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