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  • participant observation

    By contrast with participant observation, some sociological research is carried out by observation alone.
  • observation statements

    It is clear that all observation statements will be singular statements.
  • under observation

    A patrol car spots us and its occupants make it clear we are under observation.
  • through observation

    A student can learn much about interpersonal skills through observation of more experienced staff.
  • observation statement

    No logically possible observation statement could refute (5).
  • observation posts

    The signal towers were tall observation posts eleven sazhens square.
  • detail observation

  • direct observation

    The direct observation must be good, and so must the inference.
  • careful observation

    This might take three or four minutes of careful observation.
  • mass observation

  • observation that there

    It is a trite observation that there is no such thing as a standard of International Law, extraneous to the domestic law of a kingdom, to which appeal may be made.

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